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Queen Creek's incorporation was on Sept. 5, 1989, the Town of Queen Creek has fulfilled residents’ dreams for the community. The Town has award-winning plans designed for future growth, planning and land use as well as amenities. The Town has grown from rich rural roots to what is one of the most planned family friendly home towns in Arizona.<\/span><\/p>

Queen Creek, The name: <\/span><\/p>

\"The Town of Queen Creek's name originated over a hundred miles away. Up in the eastern mountains surrounding the Town of Superior, the land is rich with supplies of ore. One of the many mines that opened up in those mountains was the Silver Queen. (Another was the Silver King, but it was later renamed the Magma Mine.) At the base of the Silver Queen Mine there was a creek known as the Picket Post Creek. It was named after the oddly shaped mountain above it (the one you can see today above the State Arboretum). When the Silver Queen Mine opened for production, the name of the Picket Post Creek was changed to Queen Creek. That creek runs down from the mountains, past the mine, through the Queen Creek Canyon, into the area surrounding the present day Town of Queen Creek.<\/p>

Before the scattered farm community was called Queen Creek, it had a different name. The area was known as Rittenhouse because of the railroad spur located near Rittenhouse and Ellsworth roads. People used to flag down the train to get a ride into Phoenix. As the community grew, and the use of the railroad stop diminished, the community changed its name and took on the name Queen Creek.<\/p>

Click to see the film about Queen Creek \"From Rittenhouse to The QC<\/a> <\/p>


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